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Kambiz ShabankareKambiz Shabankare was born in Tehran in 1973 and studied Theater direction at Sooreh Art University of Tehran and later Radio, Television and Film at Austin Community College. Since 1998, he has directed numerous experimental theatre, short and documentary films (including Head Over Heels), and TV programs; his first feature film was 2005’s, Tehran 25 O’clock that, because of its sensitive subject, it was banned by Iranian national TV and all copies and footages were collected by the law enforcement.



ABOUT THE producer


Jimmy PrestonJimmy Preston was Born and raised in Northern Virginia, James has always dreamed of working in the radio industry. In 2010 he packed his bags and moved to Austin to pitch his show, 100 Proof Radio. Without an active audience his show didn't get picked up, so he started to build his following by pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. While filming comedic shorts with his production company Nice Things Productions he realized his desire to more into TV and Film, so he went back to school, and mean time he changed his company's name to Double Punch Kick and he developed the company to a film and TV production, which 2013's Local Fix, a comedy covering sport venues, became a big hit after all.